About EquiTails Jewellery



I'm Kim Preskey, the designer and owner of EquiTails Jewellery.


I get great pleasure in making these very special items of jewellery and keepsakes as each one has its own story and is unique to the owner.  EquiTails began when I picked up the hair that my daughter had cut off a pony who she was tidying up as the pony had come in to us on a sales livery.  I absentmindedly started to plait it and had the idea of making it into a bracelet for the owner as a keepsake.

The rest, as they say, is history.....


​When I first set up a website in 2011 to sell the jewellery, I said that I would be happy if just one person bought a bracelet and that first sale was amazing!  Since then I constantly been busy and I thank each and every customer and their horses for this.  The ideas for new designs keep coming and EquiTails is going from strength to strength.


I can work in other animal hair as well and have even made jewellery for the hair from a horses rug, so anything is possible - please email me to discuss what I can do for you.



Kim x