How to order and other questions

How do I order?


Horse Hair Bracelets and Jewellery

As I make all bracelets individual to each client, I ask that you email me to discuss your jewellery.  This gives you the chance to choose exactly how your piece will look.


When you have an idea of what you want, I will then send you a quote for the price. If this is ok the you can download the order form (button right)  complete this and send the hair.


LoveU Lockets

There is an online store - please hover over the Collections header and choose LoveU Lockets to access. Remember to have a horse hair charm added, you must add it to your order and send approx 2 inches of hair about a pencil thickness to me at the address below.

How do I cut the hair and how much do you need?

The document (button right) explains how to cut your horses tail hair and how much is needed for a basic bracelet.  Wrap rounds need a little more and resin needs less. I you are puchasing a resin piece or a wrap round, please email me for details of how much hair is needed.

How do I pay?

I generally take payment through paypal.  I will invoice you when I receive your order. You jewellery will NOT be started until payment has been received


The invoice will have a link/button to pay by paypal and you don't need an account to pay by this method, the facilty also take credit and debit cards.


If you wish to pay by other methods, I can take cheques made out to EquiTails Jewellery or by bank transfer - please email me for the details.